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Rhonda Findling is the author of the acclaimed international best-selling "Don't Call That Man! A Survival Guide To Letting Go", translated into eight languages (French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Farsi). She's also the author of "Don't Text that Man! A Guide to Self Protective Dating in the Age of Technology", "The Commitment Cure: What To Do When You Fall For An Ambivalent Man" (translated into French and German) and "The Dating Cure."

Rhonda in Paris reading Don't Call That Man
Rhonda Findling reading from "Don't Call That Man!"
at her book signing at Shakespeare & Company in Paris

Rhonda Findling is a psychotherapist with an international private practice based out of New York. She is a best selling author and highly sought-after talk show guest and media personality. She has appeared on TV shows nationwide including CNN, Ricki Lake, Geraldo, Maury Povitch, Good Day New York, and Eye Witness News. To learn more about Rhonda or purchase one of her books, visit the various page links.


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